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Where are you located, and what areas do you service?
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How quickly can I start service?
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What is the first step to starting services?
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What if I need help on a weekend or evening? Are you available to assist me in a timely manner?
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Do you provide live-in caregivers?
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Am I able to interview the caregiver(s)?
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How do you screen caregivers?
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What training do caregivers have?
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What if I am not satisfied with the caregiver you provided?
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What if my regularly scheduled caregiver is unable to come?
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How much does your service cost?
What if I only need service for an hour or two?
What if I only need your services temporarily, for instance, while my private caregiver is away?
What if I need to discontinue service?
Do you accept credit cards?
Will Medicare, Health Insurance or VA Benefits pay for this service?
Will my Long-term Care Insurance cover your service?

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